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This sophisticated device is a biophysical analyzer providing assessment and regulation of neuro-physical homeostasis (central nervous system electromagnetic fields balance), aiming at investigating and correcting the brain-machine interfaces (subtle vibration field data issued by the human body through the brain).

This advanced technology relies on Russian scientific works and enforces the mathematical laws of the widely known “Chaos Theory” and “Dynamic Nonlinear Systems” (NLS).

It also integrates technologies that are based on quantic physics, although initially elaborated for the sanitary follow-up of aero-spatial missions (biofeedback and bio-resonance methods).

Based on human bio-frequencies identification, the Physioscan gives an immediate and accurate assessment of the energetical level (entropy state) of the various systems of which a human being is constituted.

The digital result allows the Chiropractor to read and use the numerous and precious data, in order to fine-tune his action. (Over 360 charts showing the patient’s body and its constituents).

This machine is scientifically different from the similar existing devices of the international market because it does not use a radionic method (digital radiesthesia), the latter excluding any possibility of reproductivity due to Chiropractor’s intricacy on the patient.

As a company, Physioquanta has developed an exclusive device that sends informative corrections (meta-therapy, re-information) through photonic emissions (light) of the MitaLed.

Should you be keen on understanding better the scientific ground of the Physioscan, you may click on the link below to the stunning program describing Pr Montagnier’s work, -2008 Nobel prize of medicine-: “water’s memory has been found again”


Oligoscan provides the oligo-elements concentration in human tissues through Spectrophotometry. This analytic quantitative method consists in measuring the absorption or the optical density of a chemical substance.

Basic concept is that each chemical component absorbs, radiates or reflects light (electro-magnetic radiation) on a specific wavelength range.

The more concentrated the sample, the more light it will absorb within the limit of proportionality stated in Beer-Lambert’s law.

Spectrophotometry is widely used in such domains as chemical industry, pharmaceutical, agri-food, biology, medical/clinical etc. As far as clinical diagnoses are concerned,spectrophotometry will be used to examine blood or tissues.

Here, no blood test, no sampling; measurement is directly made on the palm of the hand with a Light beam.

Oligoscan can be a precious tool for micro-nutritional consultation. In case of excess or lack of minerals, we will provide professional advice-and if necessary, indicate complements- so as to restore your inner mineral balance. Way before symptoms occurrence, it will point out any disequilibrium. Also, in the case of proven pathology, it will help correcting the unbalanced field with efficiency, so as to reach health and wellness again.

Heavy-metals overload is a specific case of patient management ,as we are all more or less being intoxicated depending on our environment and life habits. Should the overload be significant and should it go along with disabling symptoms, it will then be necessary to perform a detoxification with specific complements. Thus long, this process is essential to recover an optimal cellular functioning.

Oligoscan is an innovative prevention device allowing a longitudinal patient follow up.


Ancestral wisdom says:

“Crystals and gemstones are Nature’s energetic storerooms”

They have been used ever since earliest Antiquity for their energetic and therapeutic properties.

Litho therapy comes from the Greek:“lithos” meaning stone. It uses the energy of gem to provide balance and harmony to one’s body.

What is the quantic gem action?

The entire universe is constituted of energy as demonstrated by the laws of restraint relativity and studies of the last century. From the stars in the sky, to the furniture of our homes as well as our bodies, each physical element has a resonance (vibration level) and a specific electro-magnetic wavelength.

The Earth and the human body share similar energy fields made of electromagnetic energy.

Starting from their epicenter-Earth’s being North and South Poles, body’s being the assembly/reception point- electric waves (frequencies) are emitted such as infrared, gamma and ultraviolet; only those of light are visible.

Should the energetic flow of a person be restrained or altered in any way, it might then suffer from disorders and unbalance. Crystals and stones, as Nature’s storeroom for electro-magnetic energy, will be restituting this energy throughout the skin deep into the cells of our body. Their color gives an indication on which wave-length they broadcast on. By combining the color, light and natural frequencies of gems, the vibrational frequency of the cells, the glands and organs can be influenced in a most highly powerful way, driving to a quick and efficient result.

How does it work?

Activation of crystals through frequencies is called Di-electrical Resonance. Under this resonance, the under layers of the crystal disperse their energy on to near-by objects by electrical transfer. The lower layers of these objects such as living tissues, start resonating. The frequency and intensity broadcasted to surrounding items/bodies depend on type, size, color and atomic structure of the inner layer used. The frequency and intensity of the energy are being electronically adjusted to a medically acceptable wave-length all the way through the electro-magnetic field.

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