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Origins of Chiropractic

Chiropractic was founded in 1895 in the US, thanks to DD Palmer. He would define Chiropractic as an art, a science, a philosophy. Literally « art of healing with hands » using no medicine, nor surgical skills, the science of Chiropractic adjustments aims at detecting and correcting spinal subluxations. Chiropractic philosophy is about body innate intelligence being the key to maintain good health and wellness dynamics.

Adjustment: Specific to Chiropractic care, adjustments consist in executing on the relevant areas of the body, and more specifically over the spine, some extremely precise gestures in order to correct the interferences of the nervous system.

Subluxation: Condition of a part of the body that is being deprived of its full nervous circulation.  It occurs when a vertebra suffers an alteration of its positioning which induces pain, stiffness or an organic related malfunction.

Innate intelligence: As well as we will consider pain as the expression of a dysfunction flagged by an intelligent body, so will be its good healing consequently to the Chiropractic adjustment. Human body is indeed gifted with self-sustaining mechanisms (nervous system, endocrine, digestive etc) that ensure biological homeostasis in order to maintain good health thus allowing each individual to adapt to his environment, thanks to his flexible nervous system (free of any nervous interference)

Health: According to W.H.O. ( World Health Organization ) is : « a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity » Meaning we have to take into account elements defining Quality of Life, as per traditional definition of public health issues.

Chiropractic Philosophy

Daniel David Palmer

“I believe, in fact I know, the Universe consists in Intelligence and Matter (…) expressing itself as a spiritual intelligence through animal and plant creation; Man being its most perfect demonstration.

I believe this intelligence is divided in as many parts as there are individual expressions of life; that spirit, considered as a whole or individually is always heading towards perfection; that in any spirited nature this intelligence expresses itself through the nervous system, for it is the mean of communication between individual spirits…”

Daniel David Palmer
(7th of March 1845 – October 20th 1913)

Founder of Chiropractic

B.J Palmer

“We chiropractors, work together with the subtle matter of soul. We let free imprisoned impulses, those tiny particles of energy issued by mental which circulate all through nervous cells, giving them life. We deal with this magic force capable of changing simple food into living, loving and thinking clay; this wonder coating earth with beauty, spreading the scent of flowers for the glory of air…”

B.J Palmer
(10th of September 1881- 21st of MaY 1961)

Chiropractic Fundamentals

Chiropractic is based on the principle of body self-healing.

The spine -or Tree of Life- of the human being is the physical support on which the chiropractor will work so as to modify the interferences of the nervous system called Subluxations.

Our nervous system is the Maestro of all vital data transmitted to other parts of our body; its innate intelligence allows us to adapt to the various situations we are exposed to, could it be mechanical, chemical or emotional .

Innate intelligence processes in 3 steps:

  • Function 1: Adaptation
  • Function 2: Healing
  • Function 3:Evolution


As the amount of energy available in a day, what we call ATP, is limited, innate intelligence must use its resources for its primary functions as a priority.

ATP (=quantity of energy available per day) being limited, our inborn intelligence must give priority to ensuring our vital, primary functions

Should the slightest loss of energy or a subluxation occur, the body will first be losing F3 (evolution). In case stress goes on, F2 stops being available, and finally, unable to adapt ourselves anymore, illness happens (=loss of F1 )

With chiropractic adjustments functions will get back to a healthy stage, following the same process but, the other way round. Stress has therefore a most significant impact on worsening the individual’s condition.

3 major states of stress have been identified: physical (wrong posture, hard work, falls, accidents, birth etc.), chemical (junk food, vaccines, medicine drugs, alcohol tobacco etc.), emotional (death, depression, dismissal, divorce etc.) and now there is also an electromagnetic stress creating cellular oxidative disorders with WIFI , 4G and computers .

Tension accumulation will slowly modify the posture as the bones are held by muscles which are themselves under the control of our central nervous system.

Our body posture is therefore the referential of the Chiropractor. A true healing will only be possible if there is a change in the posture; symptoms being at first only red flags, may consequently to the adjustments start showing a modification in the body posture, as an obvious sign of evolution to healing.


Chiropractic treatment follows a protocol starting with 3 healing sessions each distant of 1 week. The next session will generally be scheduled within a month, depending on results and patient state of health, then spaced out of 2, 3 and then 4 months. The aim being returning the patient to his autonomy as soon as possible.

To achieve Chiropractic care, it is highly recommended to follow the 4 stages as such:

  • Correction
  • Prevention
  • Maintenance
  • Wellness

In our practice we use a device called « Arthrostim » to address spinal disorders.

The Arthrostim operates at 12-14 beats per second (in line with the body’s low beta somato motor rhythm) facilitating change by light ” thrust” (short and quick movement used by chiropractors) in several fast impulses.

These repeated controlled impulses release a kind of « snow ball effect » over the nervous receptors; therefore addressing a neurological retro-control to the brain inducing mechanical receptors stimulation without activating the nociceptors (pain receptors).

This Chiropractic  care system is consequently pain-free, precisely targeted and highly efficient. All individuals may benefit from this type of treatment, from child to senior including sportsmen and women as well as pregnant women.

In addition to Chiropractic sessions, we may be advising the use of some devices issued from quantic medicine, such as Physioscan, Oligoscan, Theragem, to achieve healing with the benefit of energetic investigation tools, including oligo-elements and heavy-metals assessment as well as crystal-based therapy.


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