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Harold Fages DC

Graduated in 1984 “Doctor of Chiropractic” of the Palmer College of Chiropractic – Davenport (USA)-, I started my practice in Cannes (France) and Torino (Italy) right after my studies.

My perception of chiropractic at the time was much about identifying any disorder of the body should it be mechanical, chemical or emotional (as per the Health Triangle defined by Dr Goodheart in applied kinesiology).

Over time, it became more and more obvious to me, that the vertebral Subluxation (nervous system interference spot) was the result of a lack of communication between the peripheral nervous system and the body emotional memories (turning point of my career figured out with the NSA Chiropractic concepts of Dr Epstein)

Our Chiropractic center has a Vitalist orientation focused on energetical technics such as BEST, NETWORK, AK, KST.

These trends have contributed to the outcome of my own method; I am aware that vertebral adjustment will help the body get free from the physical tensions reflecting emotional masses. After each adjustment the patient will slowly learn through his body to feel alive again, and that the power of life he will be able to feel again, is an extraordinary gift as such.

Consequently, the innate intelligence will be able to express its full potential loosely, allowing the person to make important life choices based on self-respect and preservation of his environment.

I  get  adjusted on a regular basis , in order to keep on conceiving an even more specific and flexible perspective of Chiropractic in the near future.

As a basic rule, I follow a protocol starting for new patients, with 3 healing sessions each distant of 1 week. The next session will generally be scheduled within a month, depending on results and patient state of health, this for at least the first 6 months.

Chiropractic  is in my opinion, about knowing who we are in depth by getting rid of all fears and anxieties that cause the interferences on our nervous system. My work could be summed up by the following: “Learning who we are, by leaving gradually who we were born ”

Résidence de la Paix,
9 rue Jean Goujon
06400 Cannes

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